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Documentation Database
This database is a library of decisions, recommendations and reports in the field of spectrum regulation approved by the ECC. Relevant EC Descisions are also provided for information. All radio spectrum related EC deliverables approved by the EC, relevant equipment technical standards produced by ETSI and technical guidance notes developed by RED CA can be downloaded from their respective websites.

On this page you can see the most popular (downloaded) documents in each category. Click on ‘see all’ to display all the documents in each category, arranged in date order.

The European Communications Office (ECO) was formally opened on 6 May 1991 and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. ECO is the permanent office supporting the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) of the CEPT. ECC is the Committee that brings together the radio and telecommunications regulatory authorities of the 48 CEPT member countries.

The ECO Documentation Database, (www.ecodocdb.dk) is a part of the European Communications Office deliverables.

Contact points in ECO:

Anne-Dorthe Hjelm Christensen
E-mail: Anne-Dorthe.Hjelm.Christensen@eco.cept.org
Tel: +45 33896311


Søren Conradsen
E-mail: soren.conradsen@eco.cept.org
Tel: +45 33896314

To visit to the main ECO website, use the following link:


For any other info, please contact ECO at the following address:

Nyropsgade 37, 4th floor
DK-1602 Copenhagen
Tel: +45 33 89 63 00
Fax: +45 33 89 63 30

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